Switch to the Best Wireless Security System For Your Home

Home invasion and theft remain serious threats to Americans across the country—in large metropolitan areas and small, remote towns—and statistics show that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds. Burglars have known for years that cutting the wires of traditional security systems could grant them full access to a home and its contents without detection. Because of recent technological advances, the wireless home security system has become a reality. Today’s wireless home security system allows families to focus on the important parts of life, free of worry about whether their home is safe and secure.


Five reasons for choosing a wireless security system include:

Aesthetics- A wireless home security system makes the drilling of holes in walls a thing of the past. There are also no unsightly cables or wires running between rooms or large, awkward control panels taking up valuable wall space.

Installation- Anyone can self-install the industry’s top wireless systems and no tools are required. Detectors are simply placed in rooms, hallways, garages and basements and the entire project takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The process is so much easier than the installation of traditional wired cameras.

Alerts- Wireless home security systems are conveniently controlled and monitored by a smart phone. As long as a cell signal is available, immediate alerts can be reviewed and actions taken anywhere in the world the homeowner happens to be standing.

Cost- A complete wireless security system costs approximately 50% of a wired system. Also, because traditional systems require professional installation—and, eventually, maintenance—additional costs must be incurred.

Portability– Unlike their wired predecessors, today’s top wireless systems are completely portable—between rooms or homes. In the past, after a system was installed, it physically remained in the structure until being removed because of obsoleteness, lack of use, cost or other variables. Whether today’s homeowner decides to monitor a different room or an entirely different property, innovative technology permits systems to be moved at any time and to any place with WiFi.

When specifications, features, costs and reviews of various wireless home security systems are considered, it becomes clear that the finest available is LiveWatch.

LiveWatch provides easy-to-use, affordable and reliable wireless home monitoring systems which allow homeowners to spend time doing what matters most in safe and secure homes.

About LiveWatch:

LiveWatch offers innovative home security solutions including its wireless security camera system. It prides itself on providing homeowners across the country with devices that are affordable, easy to install, convenient and durable.

For additional information, visit Livewatch.com


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