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eWireless Home Security vs. Wired Home Security: Which is Better for Your Family?

There is an old cliché about parents not understanding or being interested in the latest technology. That might be the case with certain products—Snapchat, say—but not with smart home technology like wireless home security

Back in 2016, conducted a study of a little over 1,000 US homeowners. The results of this Homeowners Survey included the following: 78% of all surveyed homeowners wanted an app that could alert them and let them manage their security system remotely.
81% considered professional monitoring and remote dispatching of emergency services “very important.”
82% wanted a security system that could notify the authorities even when internet service is down or the power goes out.
Why is the idea of wireless home security so appealing? A look at the pros and cons of both wired and wireless systems could help provide an answer.
Wired Home Security
Wired home security systems have these advantages: They Offer Consistent Monitoring: Since wired security systems transmit in…