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The Possible Future of Wireless Home Security Systems and Other Smart Home Technology

Only a few years ago, wireless home security and other smart home solutions might have sounded like the stuff of science fiction. However, they are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

Here are a few predictions that technology experts have made regarding the future of smart home technology:

Increased Use of Voice Control

In a January 2018 article for Forbes, Tyler Shields—a VP of Marketing at web application security company Signal Sciences—stated that voice control or voice recognition will be “the breakthrough advancement that really allows [smart home] technologies to become ubiquitous.” Certainly, the increasing popularity of voice services like Siri and Alexa would suggest that there is something to Shields’ opinion.

Shields also claims that voice control will become a staple of “phone, TV, home audio and even car dashboard [technologies]” by the end of 2018. Time will tell whether or not that actually happens. Still, the idea that voice recognition will become more widesp…